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Teacher Program »Social Sciences«

The Social Sciences degree program is designed to enable future teachers to teach their students the fundamental connections between political, social and economic complexes of topics in a systematic form. By combining subject didactic and thematic content with theory-practice elements and in-school and out-of-school internships, the degree program comprehensively prepares students for future teaching positions and enables them to teach the subject of social sciences in its entire breadth: Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Didactics of Social Sciences.

Students can study the subject of social sciences in the three-stage teacher training program for the teaching profession at secondary schools (Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen (GyGe) or Haupt-, Real-, Sekundar- and Gesamtschulen (HRSGe)).

The Bachelor's program in Social Sciences is designed to provide an interdisciplinary foundation and systematic links between the individual sub-disciplines of Political Science, Sociology and Economics, and to lay the subject-specific foundation for the three component disciplines.

The Master's program in Social Sciences deepens the foundations acquired in the Bachelor's program by adding subject-specific and subject-didactic focal points and links these in theory-practice modules.

The examination boards of the Teacher Training in Social Sciences GyGe and Social Sciences HRSGe generally make sure that all examinations in these study programs are conducted properly and that the provisions of the examination regulations are observed. They also take care of the drafting and adaptation of module handbooks, subject-specific regulations and study plans, grant examination authorizations and are the contact persons for the recognition of examination.

Members of the examination board of the Teacher Training in Social Sciences HRSGe

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Schuck
  • Prof. Dr. Ludger Basten
  • Prof. Dr. Nicole Burzan
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Goll
  • Dr. Arne Niederbacher
  • Lena Hohfeld
  • Silvia Schmidt

Members of the examination board of the Teacher Training in Social Sciences GyGe

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Schuck
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Goll
  • Prof. Dr. Hartmut Holzmüller
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Liening
  • Prof. Dr. Nicole Burzan (vice member)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoffjan (vice member)
  • Dr. Arne Niederbacher
  • Jan-Martin Geiger
  • Katharina Herrmann
  • Lena Hohfeld

For more information about the study program in the different teaching positions, please visit the website of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Didactics. (in German only)

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