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Master »Ageing Societies«

The Master's programme understands collective ageing in our society as one of the most important individual, institutional and societal tasks of our time.

Its overarching objective is to impart sound knowledge of individual and social ageing and methodological competence in the field of empirical social research.

The aim is to enable students to recognise both existing and future challenges associated with an ageing society within specific areas of activity in research and practice and to be able to research and shape these challenges independently.

Comments on the programme

»The Master offers an insight into the potentials, challenges and risks of an ageing society«

»#visionary #future #equality and injustice #singularisation #triple-switching #sustainable«


TU Dortmund
Department of Social Sciences
Chair for Social Structure and Ageing Societies
Secretary: Jana Dreypelcher 
Emil-Figge-Str. 50
44227 Dortmund
E-Mail: Alternde.Gesellschaftentu-dortmundde


Requests to the board of examiners for the subsequent recognition of achievements, external examiners or other exceptional cases requiring approval as regulated in the examination regulations should be addressed in writing to the board of examiners and sent to the secretariat (see contact) or placed in the mailbox. After examination, the Examination Committee will forward the decision directly to the Examination Office, which will then inform you of the result.


  • Management and coordination of the study program
  • Compliance with the examination regulations
  • Testing of doubtful, individual and hardship cases
  • Crediting of achievements




  • Prof. Dr. Martina Brandt
  • Prof. Dr. Monika Reichert (Chair)

Research assistants:

  • Miriam Grates
  • Kim Kusserow


  • Alina Lenz
  • Julius Wiegand

Externas member:

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Strünck


Location & approach