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At the end of your stay comes the examination phase.

You will register for your exams through the faculty's Erasmus coordinator. Please let him know if you will be taking an exam in a course. He will then register you for the exam. You must register at least three weeks before the exam. If you want to withdraw from an exam, inform the Erasmus coordinator in time.

You can register for and withdraw from an exam by e-mail, stating your name, your matriculation number and the exam for which you wish to register or withdraw.

Presentations and term papers are registered with the lecturer of the respective course. Please send an e-mail to the Erasmus coordinator in this case as well.

The results of your exams will be forwarded to the Erasmus Officer. In the case of term papers and presentations, ask your lecturers to report the grades to the Erasmus Officer.

Your Transcript of Record will include all grades and courses taken. Your Certificate of Attendance certifies how long you were at the university for your Erasmus term. It can be filled out by the Erasmus coordinator of the faculty or by the International Office. If you have a document to fill in from your home university, you can use it. Otherwise, we can provide you with a certificate.