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Bachelor's program in Sociology

The new Bachelor program Sociology will start in the winter semester 2021 (October 2021).

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The Bachelor's degree programme Sociology is still in the accreditation process, but will definitely take place. Enrolments are always possible for the winter semester.

We offer a sociological qualification with a focus on six central fields of social change. Sociological thinking and theoretical approaches are taught specifically in connection with these fields (students choose two of them):

  • Social inequalities and cultural differences
  • Life Course and biography
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Work, organization and technology
  • Knowledge and education
  • Environment and innovation

Methodological competences

Competences in both qualitative-interpretative and quantitative research methods are taught; research workshops enable research-based learning with concrete practical examples.

Practical approach

Courses on professional fields and key qualifications, writing workshops, language courses and the option of tutoring provide additional qualifications for professional practice.


We strive to intensify the international student exchange already in the Bachelor's programme without exceeding the standard period of study.

Various English-language courses are offered throughout the programme and the 5th semester is designed as a semester abroad.

For further information - also on the partner universities - look at 'Semester abroad'.