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English-taught Courses

Here you can find all courses that are taught in English at the Department of Social Sciences. Please note that short-term changes in the course portfolio may occur!

Erasmus and Exchange students may also take courses from other Departments. Suitable courses can be found at the Department of Philosophy and Politcal Science, Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Humanities and Theology, and Department of Cultural Studies, and other.

A complete course catalogue of the TU Dortmund can be found here

Summer 2022

Sociology of science and technology I

Cornelius Schubert, Seminar, Thursday 14-16

Total institutions

Cornelius Schubert, Seminar, Thursday 16-18

Empirical findings on life course and biographical research

Holly Ann Patch, Seminar, Thursday 12-14

Innovation I: Concepts and Theories

Karina Maldonado-Mariscal, Seminar, Thursday 14-16


Winter 2022-23

Docent: Cornelius Schubert

Public participation in science has been an issue for more than 50 years. Recent calls for citizen science resonate the previous endeavors to transgress the boundaries of science by reaching out to communities of amateur scientists, interested laypersons or those affected by techno-scientific progress. The course will trace the development of public participation in science, its formats and modes of engagement in different fields of science, from natural science to engineering and social sciences as well as the arts. We will read foundational as well as recent texts and critically discuss the underlying concepts of participation. Students will become familiar with this field of study and will learn to assess and compare different models of citizen science as a form of transdisciplinary research.

Docent: Claudius Garten

The course will adress:

  •  conceptual perspectives and measurement of health and well-being;
  • theoretical foundations and multidisciplinary perspectives on health and well-being;
  • empirical findings on health and well-being in concrete areas of application

Students will learn about know central concepts, findings and methods from social science research on health and well-being research. They will be able to classify and reflect on relevant content in corresponding discourses. They will engage in reading and analyzing scientific texts and put the results of the analysis into an appropriate written form.

Docent: Sabine Lauer

The seminar deals with selected topics of the sociology of education, especially with educational inequalities.

These will be jointly elaborated and discussed on the basis of classics of the sociology of education (Gary S. Becker, James S. Coleman, Pierre Bourdieu and Raymond Boudon)

Location & approach