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Interview on transformations in information portal of Ruhr Metropolis

New understanding of innovation made in Dortmund

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Picture of Jürgen Schultze © sfs
Jürgen Schultze, coordinator of the research area Transformative Governance in cities and regions at the Social Research Centre

In the Ruhr Metropolis, new technologies and social practices are emerging to help challenges like the energy transition succeed. Jürgen Schultze addressed these questions in an interview with the information portal of the Ruhr Metropolis and explains how society reacts to these changes.

Jürgen Schultze understands transformations as the active shaping of our economy, work, consumption and life in a new system that meets the requirements of a carbon-neutral society and the aspect of climate robustness. These are not selective solutions in pilot areas, but a new common consensus at all political and social levels.

The research area “Transformative Governance in Cities and Regions” examines the social transformation processes for sustainable development from different perspectives, especially at the level of cities and regions in Germany. Above all, the guiding theme of social innovation, which has been developed over a period of ten years, serves as orientation. In this context, social innovation means an intentional change in behavior, which is understood as a social practice.

Furthermore, the interview deals with topics such as the energy transition, climate adaptation and spatial development. More information about transdisciplinary research and the interview can be found in the newly published article (only in German) on the website of the Ruhr Metropolis.


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